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Healthier Feed Bags

Our New Feed Bags are Much Better for You, Your Family and Your Animals!  We've changed from plastic feed bags (bad for the environment, bad for you) to enviro-friendly, people-friendly paper bags.

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Fiskens Harness Race Horse Feed With Next Generation Antioxidant Anti-Ageing MELOFEED®

Protect Horses During Intense Exercise and Preserve Their Performance Potential Horses have fragile muscle and joint membranes. Horses in work are particularly vulnerable to slow recovery and joint issues. Intense training of Race and Eventing Horses is a significant source of oxidative stress which can weaken cell membranes, lead to slow recovery and lead to problems with joints and muscles. Protect your horses and preserve their performance potential.   Fiskens Harness, a NZ First! Harness is an All New Racehorse Feed Containing the Next Generation Antioxidant MELOFEED® The antioxidant MELOFEED® along with Organic Selenium and Vitamin E constitute an efficient means of defence against oxidative stress following intense physical exertion. Restore and maintain cell membrane integrity in muscular cells, improve...

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Healthy Hens Lay More Eggs – What To Feed Hens

Having your own fresh eggs every day is a joy and having chickens in your back yard is very popular. But for beautiful eggs and for happy, healthy laying hens, you need to feed them the right nutrition. A well-rounded chicken feed for laying hens will boost their health and their ability to produce lots of eggs. How Old Are Your Chickens? The right feed depends on what age your chickens are.   For chicks, the best chicken starter feed has more protein, around 20%. For adolescent and adult chooks, 16% to 17% protein is ideal depending on energy concentration. However hens require quite specific nutrition if you want them to lay beautiful eggs for you every day. They need...

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