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Healthy Hens Lay More Eggs – What To Feed Hens

Having your own fresh eggs every day is a joy and having chickens in your back yard is very popular. But for beautiful eggs and for happy, healthy laying hens, you need to feed them the right nutrition. A well-rounded chicken feed for laying hens will boost their health and their ability to produce lots of eggs. How Old Are Your Chickens? The right feed depends on what age your chickens are.   For chicks, the best chicken starter feed has more protein, around 20%. For adolescent and adult chooks, 16% to 17% protein is ideal depending on energy concentration. However hens require quite specific nutrition if you want them to lay beautiful eggs for you every day. They need...

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Starter Feeds For Calves

Fiskens calf feeds are tasty, digestible and contain the proper balance of nutrients along with minerals, vitamins and an anti-coccidial, Bovatec® which works to combat coccidiosis and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the rumen so calves derive more benefit from their feed.

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Horsefeed – What Your Sport Horse Needs

Show jumping and cross country riding place strenuous metabolic demands on your horse, requiring it to draw heavily on energy reserves to fuel muscle contraction, sometimes for extended periods. Energy levels will directly affect whether or not your horse can go the distance.

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