Fiskens Pig Feed

If you like the idea of keeping a pig in the backyard and knowing where the Christmas ham or morning bacon has come from, you’ll be asking – what do pigs eat?

Fiskens Feeds produces high quality pig feed, tailored to the different ages and stages of a pig’s life.

Our five different specially formulated feeds offer the best animal nutrition solution for feeding pigs and include Barley/Maize, Porker, Sow, Weaner, and Creep. All five contain a Barley/Maize base, with the straight Barley/Maize product alone a great simple supplementary feed for pigs.

Porker is an easily digestible higher protein pig meal formulated for weight gain, while the Sow product is a finely milled and easily digestible pig feed especially formulated for lactating sows.

The Weaner product is a pig food for weight gain in piglets from four weeks old and Creep pig feed is designed especially for weight gain and condition in young piglets under 6 weeks of age.

Our Fiskens Feeds pig feed products are designed to ensure weight gain in pigs, they’re easily digestible and we find pigs grow really well on it.