Fisken’s Superior Feed since 1957

If you like poached eggs for breakfast and light fluffy Pavlova, you’ll want to make sure your hens are performing at the top of their game and producing lots of eggs.

Fiskens Feeds produces high quality chicken feed, both Layer Mash and Layer Pellets, formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of laying hens.

This is ‘high spec’ chicken food, the complete food for feeding chickens, with at least 18% crude protein as well as essential amino acids and calcium. This poultry feed is designed specifically for chickens that are producing plenty of eggs.

Our chicken feeds are packed full of maize, soya bean meal, barley, lime, molasses, DiCalcium Phosphate, vegetable oil, salt, methionine, vitamins and minerals and we recommend feeding about half a cup per hen per day.

If you want happy, healthy layers, talk to Fiskens Feeds about what to feed your chickens. Read more about nutrition for laying hens and chicks