About Us

In the early 1950s, Harold Raymond Fisken (affectionately known as ‘Chappy’) arrived in Pukekohe with his wife and four children. Originally from Gisborne, he purchased a block of farmland in Buckland.

As a hobby, he owned and raced a couple of horses and was struck by the fact that there was nowhere in the area to buy good horse feed. Considering the problem, he started shipping up his own basic feeds such as oats and oaten chaff from down the line.

It wasn’t long before other horse owners at the track started asking Chappy if they could buy feed from him for their own horses, so Chappy started shipping a bit more. Soon it was not uncommon for the kids to come home from school to find their bedrooms full of sacks of oats.

As word spread and demand grew, a small shed was built next to the house, much to the relief of his wife and children! Before long Chappy turned to making his own feed mixes, purchasing machinery, adding more buildings and silos, and in 1957 H.R. Fisken & Sons was born.

Over fifty years and two generations later, H.R. Fisken & Sons is still family owned and operated. Using computerised mixing, bagging and stacking machinery, and utilising the advice of expert nutritionists, our product range has expanded to eleven different horse mixes for all classes of horse, as well as pig, chicken, calf and dairy feeds.