Sunshine Energy

On a sunny day, our new solar panels generate more than 4X the power used by the average NZ household. 

 That's enough electricity to produce our feed AND send some to the national grid - we're a net electricity generator! And it’s all clean, renewable energy.

We've set up a cool digital display in the Shop Entrance. Check it out next time you visit.

You'll see in real time the power being generated by the sun and our atmospheric CO2 emission savings, compared to using conventional power. 

We reckon that every small step counts towards the reduction of CO2 in our atmosphere and microplastics in the environment and food chain. So we’re pretty stoked to have made a positive change for good, moving from plastic to paper bags and converted to solar power.

Why Did We Quit Using Plastic Feed Bags?

We've changed from plastic feed bags (bad for the environment, bad for you) to enviro-friendly, people-friendly paper bags.   

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