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Preventing Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a parasite-caused disease that can be difficult to identify. In the worst cases coccidiosis will manifest as bloody scours. This is because when they are present at high levels the parasites can damage the wall of the intestine. In most cases – 95% in fact – you will not see dramatic signs of infection. All the same, the parasites and their eggs (oocysts) can be found everywhere – in barns, sheds and even in the pasture. Even the cleanest facilities can harbour the oocysts and once a calf is infected the disease can spread very quickly. Even a low-level infection can cause poor intakes and substandard feed conversion leading to reduced growth rates. As is the case with...

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Horsefeed – What Your Racehorse Needs

Providing enough energy for your horse to race at his peak is one of the biggest challenges for trainers and owners. Whether your horse is in training or fit and ready to race, the energy intake required to fuel muscle activity and to maintain optimal performance can be more than double that required at rest.

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