Topflite Wild Bird Nectar

Topflite Wild Bird Nectar

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New Zealand’s native birds love this extra energy source, especially at times when natural nectar may be scarce or unavailable. When the weather’s challenging (or the nest is demanding) this delicious, nutritious nectar will help these birds stay aloft.

1: Silvereye and tui will love to fly in to drink up on this delicious nectar

2: Need something to put it in? Try our super-handy Nectar Nutra Feeder...

3: While certainly enticing, we don’t recommend using in your summer cocktails

4: Quick and easy to put out

Ingredients: Natural sugars, NZ freeze dried honey powder, pollen, vitamin and mineral supplement.


Feeding Guide: Mix one part Topflite nectar powder to four parts water. Cleanliness is important so clean and replace with a fresh nectar mix regularly. Topflite nectar can
supplement the diet of nectar feeding birds throughout the year, particularly when there are no native fruits & flowers available for them to feed on.