Wahl BravMini

Wahl BravMini

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The Wahl Brav Mini+ Trimmer is a rechargeable, NiMH battery, cordless trimmer offering up to 100 mins run time from a 120 min recharge.

Gorgeous new sapphire shade of blue. LED charge indicator light tells you when to recharge. Very quiet, low vibration, cool running & lightweight.

For trimming delicate areas on all breeds and all coats, including inside ears and ear edges, around eyes and mouth, eyebrows and moustache, face, between paw ads, to tidy up around feet, trimming the tail, & for sanitary areas (genitals, abdomen, anus etc). 

Ideal for anxious, noise-sensitive or touch-sensitive dogs for delicate or difficult areas. Very handy with your full size clipper is corded.

Gives you cordless ease of use for the fiddly areas. Also rated for trimming muzzles, fetlocks, bridle paths & ears for horses

Popular for trimming rabbits & cats also. Rated for show trimming for cattle, goats & pigs also.