Topflight Soargasboard Feeder

Topflight Soargasboard Feeder

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It’s buffet time! This stylish bamboo feeder is spacious enough to accommodate a flock and deep enough to house plenty of fruit snacks, energy feed and other delicious treats.

Whether it’s suspended from your pergola or swaying in your peach tree, The Soargasboard is a flock favourite. Its modern form and natural, bamboo construction makes it a beautiful addition to your backyard decor – but the birds will be there for the open, fly-through design and double-sided edge, perfect for perching while peckish.

  1. Simple Scandinavian-style design
  2. Made from sustainable bamboo
  3. Easy to hang from a variety of spots
  4. Designed for seed, energy food and fruit

Sold individually

Dimensions: 25cm x 15.5cm x 19.6cm