Top Flight Geo Feeder

Top Flight Geo Feeder

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Perfect for apartment balconies but also a great addition to larger, contemporary style homes, this concrete creation creates a cozy and sheltered nook for your feathered friends to grab a bite on the fly.

Brutalism may not be big in the bird world, but we think the Geo Feeder will get avian architectural approval anyway. That’s because this clever concrete feeder can house plenty of tasty, nutritious goodies and, as strong as it is, birds will know they can return again and again. Attach to a tree or suspend from your balustrade and watch them flock back for a feed.

  1. Sturdy concrete form protects from wind and weather
  2. Will appeal both to birds and post-war modernist design fans
  3. Made for feeding seed, energy food and fruit
  4. Great for small spaces

Sold individually

Dimensions: 16cm x 13cm x 19cm