Premium MVA Minerals

Premium MVA Minerals

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Feed daily amount all year round. Contains Selenium.

All horses including pregnant, lactating, growing, elderly or those in hard work.Horses on a high-hay diet including those on Tracks and Dry Lots.
Premium MVA not only supplies all the necessary vitamins and minerals found in Premium NZ Horse Minerals, but also all the amino acids for sustaining overall health, immune function, top-line and hoof health.


With INCREASED levels of:
Vitamin E - 
Horses on high-hay diets have an increased requirement for vitamin E.
For example Premium MVA delivers 3,200mg to a 500kg horse.
B Vitamins - Known for their effectiveness in the conversion of feed into energy for growth, work, digestive function and reproduction. Being water-soluble, there is no chance of toxicity either.


Daily Amount:
20gms per 100kgs Live-Weight
On the scoop enclosed 20mls = 20gms

Start with 1/8th of amount and build up to full amount. Only ever feed the correct amount at all times.

Contains selenium - included at a rate of .28mg per 20gms per 100kg (eg. 1.4mg for a 500kg horse)
Do not use at the same time as any other product containing selenium or selenised fertiliser.

Do not exceed stated amount or frequency without a veterinarian.

Approximate guide to weights:
(For accurate weights: weigh empty horse float, then again with horse inside)
Small Pony: under 12.2hh < 300kg
Large Pony: 12.2-14.2hh 300 - 400kg
Hack: 14.2-16.2hh 400 - 50kg
Heavy Hack: 16.2hh+ >550kg