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Our proven solution Mycosorb is a Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) registered mycotoxin binder for use in complete animal feed (cattle, pigs, poultry, pet and equine).

It has been proven to aid in the management of adverse effects that may result from mycotoxin contaminants that may be present in stock feed. It is a proven broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder, which tackles mycotoxin challenges as a whole, rather than dealing with individual mycotoxins.

Recommended usage rate of Mycosorb® for equine: inclusion rate 0.5 - 2kg per tonne of feed

• Foals, Weanlings: 5 grams/head/day

• Stallions, Yearlings, Performance Horses: 10 grams/head/day

• Breeding Horses, Race Horses: 15 – 30 grams/head/day

Usage rates may differ under extreme circumstances (sub - and tropical areas, clinical signs).

In these cases we recommend the step down program: high inclusion rate for two weeks followed by reduced dosage based on mycotoxin risk and horse response.