Brookby Herbs Sneeze Free (Liquid)

Brookby Herbs Sneeze Free (Liquid)

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Sneeze Free anti allergy for head flicking, as skin irritations & allergy symptoms

Horses with allergies and hayfever can find relief with herbal remedies.

Horses with allergies can cause a lot of stress and unpleasantness and if you are looking for information on horse allergies and haven't considered the natural alternative, then this is the place to look. Maybe your horse has a problem with head shaking or flicking? The annoying and sometimes dangerous behaviour of head shaking is thought to possibly be related to horses with allergies and damage caused to the nervous system. Herbs can help boost the immune system, which is often part of the problem with allergies and hayfever and can help maintain a healthy body.

Brookby Herbs have a comforting blend of herbs to help alleviate the persistent symptoms of allergies. The natural expectorants can help soothe a cough and clear the passages, making breathing easier for your horse with allergies. The vitamins help restore damaged tissues and build up the immune system.

Most Effective Treatment for Horses With Allergies

The most effective way to combat seasonal allergies is to supplement your horses feed 4-6 weeks prior to the susceptible period if possible. You may need to continue feeding for another 6 weeks during this season to completely re-balance the body's immune system. The herbs in this blend will also help de-sensitise the nervous system which is over-reacting to allergens and nettle is a herb which will act as a natural anti-histamine providing relief for unpleasant symptoms.

What Herbs Are  In The Sneeze Free Formula?

Contains Chamomile, Vervain, Kelp, Marshmallow, Mullein, Nettle, Rosehips, Yarrow. All these herbs are in an organically certified cider vinegar base. Not like other herbal products which are often in an alcohol base. The cider vinegar is a nutritional food in itself containing over 26 vitamins and minerals plus cider vinegar is great for the joints.

Herbs can:

  • calm an over-active nervous system
  • act as a natural expectorant
  • soothe coughs and irritations
  • clear the airways
  • build the immune system

Certified Organic cider vinegar base and GE Free

All the herbs come in an organically certified apple cider vinegar base which means it is produced without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. This means no hidden or harmful elements, just pure and safe, quality nutrition for your horses with allergies.


1L Bottle