Brookby Herbs Organic Echinacea (Liquid)

Brookby Herbs Organic Echinacea (Liquid)

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Echinacea for horses is traditionally used to boost the immune system. It is an ideal herb for helping in the early stages of infection and to help with recovery from an illness or accident.

You can help boost your horse's immune system by using echinacea for horses and other herbs as equine natural supplements. Herbs can help support a healthy respiratory system, which is critical to the health of your horse. If you wish to maintain your horse's respiratory system in peak condition then nature has provided some excellent plants and herbs ideal for this job.

Echinacea is said to normalise the number of white blood cells and helps to destroy viruses and bacteria. It is also thought to slow the spread of infection so is a great herb to feed when your horse is either off colour or suffering from colds and viruses. 

Echinacea is incredibly popular for protecting human and animal health worldwide. Help prepare your horse's system for the seasonal changes and especially if you have a horse with a cough and to protect their general health. A lovely single herb to add to your horse's diet.