Aniwell FiltaBac

Aniwell FiltaBac

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What is FiltaBac?

FiltaBac is an antibacterial cream and sun block

FiltaBac has a SPF of 29-33 and works as a sunscreen through titanium dioxide and zinc oxide physically reflecting UV. It protects against sunburn and photosensitivity caused by facial eczema or ingestion of any substances likely to cause photosensitivity. 

A thin film of FiltaBac cream will cover and protect damaged skin areas with a breathable covering. FiltaBac is active against many strains of Gram+ve and Gram-ve bacteria. Because of its adhesive properties, it provides long term antibacterial protection for:

  • broken, grazed skin areas
  • bites from other animals
  • cuts and gashes
  • irritated skin
  • mud fever
  • rain scald
  • thrush
  • clipper rash
  • fly/tick bites
  • flystrike
  • bit pressure and mouth damage
  • girth galls/girth rub/saddle pressure areas 


It can be used instead of a traditional bandage for those hard-to-bandage areas.

It forms a barrier against dirt, pathogens and chemical contamination; e.g. for dogs prone to plant contact allergies.

If suturing is likely to be delayed FiltaBac Cream will protect the integrity of the wound and can remain in a wound that is sutured due to its non-reactive antibacterial qualities.

How do I use FiltaBac?

As a sun block, apply a visible film to affected areas once or twice daily. Apply more frequently if the cream is being physically removed.

For antibacterial protection, apply a reasonably thick covering coat of cream to affected areas. Re-apply for 2-3 days without removing original cover. After 2-3 days gently remove the FiltaBac cream from the area by using warm water and a mild soap or dilute antiseptic solution. Pat or air-dry (do not rub). Recover with FiltaBac cream. 

As an absorbing protective cover, apply a thick film of cream to damaged areas and maintain cover with daily applications.

Withholding period: Nil

Special Precautions:
White cats in particular may react to the anti-bacterial and zinc oxide in FiltaBac - FiltaClear is a suncream alternative. In the case of an allergic skin reaction, cease application and wash area with warm water and soap.

For animals with renal failure, avoid frequent daily applications over large areas of the body.

Other Information:
Store below 30°C (room temperature) away from extreme light. Replace lid after use.

Safety Data Sheet available upon request