Fiskens Feeds Horse FeedFisken’s range of equine feeds are designed to eliminate the time, guesswork and potential error involved in stable preparation of horse feed.

Each Fisken Feed is the perfect balance for pasture at each stage of a horse’s growth, production and work. No other supplementation with energy, protein, minerals or vitamins will be required on most properties.

Made fresh with high quality ingredients. All Fiskens horse feeds include New Zealand grown and produced cold pressed Canola Oil, with the optimum ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 for equine diets.

Because our feeds contain no preservatives, we recommend they are consumed within 6 weeks of the manufacture date, and preferably 4 weeks in warm weather. See date on side of bag.

Fiskens Horse Feeds and selected feeds from other manufacturers are available online. We also have a wide range of horse feed available in-store.


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For a small number of properties with uniquely different soil and pasture mineral status, specific balancer supplements can be provided with or incorporated into the relevant Fisken Feed after discussion with or assessment by the company’s nutrition consultant.When fed as directed with pasture quality as indicated, these rations satisfy the recommendations of the USA National Research Council ‘Nutrient Requirements of Horses 1989′.

Daily feeding rates are influenced by the condition of your horse, its exercise level and the quality/quantity of pasture available. When pasture quality is poor increase feeding rates. For efficient digestion ensure at least 50% of your horses diet consists of roughage, (i.e.: pasture, hay, or chaff).