Starter Feeds For Calves

Begin offering calf feed when the calf is four days old. The feed should be:

  • Palatable –

Calves are no different than humans in that they are likely to eat more and gain weight more quickly if the food smells good and tastes good. Quality grains, roughage and molasses all appeal to calves and contribute to the unique taste of Fiskens calf feed. This makes for increased palatability and an easy transition from product to product as the calves grow.

  • Digestible –

Digestibility in calf feed depends on the quality of the ingredients. Fiskens products contain high-quality protein and grain sources for superior digestibility.

  • Fibrous –

In dry feeds fibre stimulates saliva production. This in turn regulates the rumen’s pH level. Note however that calves should not be allowed an excess of roughage – too much can result in a lowered concentrate intake. A dry feed with the correct roughage level like Fiskens Calf Feeds eliminates the need for unrestricted roughage and improves early feed intake.

  • Balanced and Anti-Coccidial –

Calf diets are usually structured with optimal protein and the energy needed to use it in mind. 12 MJ ME per kilogram of dry feed delivers the energy needed to metabolise the protein in 20.5% feed. Adding minerals, vitamins and an anti-coccidial is advised.

Fiskens calf feeds are tasty, digestible and contain the proper balance of nutrients along with minerals, vitamins and an anti-coccidial, Bovatec® which works to combat coccidiosis and encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria in the rumen so calves derive more benefit from their feed.