Preventing Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a parasite-caused disease that can be difficult to identify. In the worst cases coccidiosis will manifest as bloody scours. This is because when they are present at high levels the parasites can damage the wall of the intestine.

In most cases – 95% in fact – you will not see dramatic signs of infection. All the same, the parasites and their eggs (oocysts) can be found everywhere – in barns, sheds and even in the pasture. Even the cleanest facilities can harbour the oocysts and once a calf is infected the disease can spread very quickly. Even a low-level infection can cause poor intakes and substandard feed conversion leading to reduced growth rates.

As is the case with most parasitic diseases the best defence is a good offence. Calves should receive an anti-coccidial early on so that parasite development can be stopped and the calf can begin to build a natural immunity (a process that usually takes approximately 140 days).

The easiest, most effective way of administering an anti-coccidial is to include it in the feed. Fiskens Calf Plus and Calf Pro Plus feeds contain an effective anti-coccidial so your calves have the protection they need.