Excel Joint Lube

Excel Joint Lube

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JOINT LUBE can be likened to oil in an engine which is responsible for smooth motion of all of the moving parts. Just as engine oil needs to be replaced regularly in a motor due to wear and tear so to, the fluid in animals joints are subject to wear and tear.

The active ingredient in Joint Lube is a key component of synovial fluid which gives the fluid its’ “slipperiness” and is odourless, tasteless and should be colourless. The pink colour in Joint Lube is a vegetable colouring simply to make the product look more appealing.

The Synovial Fluid creates the cushioning for the joints.

Using Joint Lube during extended periods of training and competition may be beneficial in supporting the animal’s lubrication needs.

Joint Lube comes in 1ltr or 4ltr  sizes and should be given daily in a 10ml dose. Care should be taken not to contaminate the product when regularly using a syringe to give the dosage. The product can also be applied directly to hard feeds as well if desirable.

Joint Lube does not contain any prohibitive substances.