Customer Review – Goat Feed

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I have been getting my grain from Fiskens since I have owned my dairy goats. I was pre-mixing up my own mix until my herd increased in size and my does were in milk. I approached John Fisken and asked if it would be at all possible to pre-mix the ingredients together to save me time. I took in a sample of what my grain looked like mixed up, and went through the quantities.

John surprised me when he said he had his nutritionist analyse it and had refined a few things added in a vitamin and mineral supplement specially designed for dairy goats, with a high copper sulphate level.

We removed some extra maize and supplemented it with kelp, which was the only thing we changed.

We have been feeding this new Fiskens Goat Mix since June 2014 and to my amazement I have noticed the changes listed here:

  • my does and bucks stayed in prime show condition through winter
  • my milk yield has increased by over 50% in some does
  • milk quality has improved- more fat and solids ideal for cheese making
  • kids were eating it by 2-3 days of age, they start cudding before 2 weeks of age
  • feeding less milk to the kids due to the higher quality
  • less problems with illness and parasites
  • No birthing problems – kids were all in correct position and delivered unassisted
  • Kids born were fit and healthy – no mortalities.

I am a qualified vet nurse with over 9 years’ experience. Animal welfare is the major factor for me in making sure I have the very best for my goats. This starts with nutrition – being able to provide a well-balanced complete grain supplement means that they benefit from the inside out.

This diet is made of 100% raw ingredients, not cooked or extruded so all the benefits for the animal are still complete. It is highly palatable and digestible.


The photo is of Ricardii Qtish aka Rosa. She is our champion doe in 1st lactation and best udder. This photo was taken of her straight out of the paddock before milking in the morning on October 11th 2014. No grooming, no extra products given other than hay and a salt lick block in their house. She kidded for the second time on 12th July and will probably milk through to March, could be longer this year – will have to see if the goat mix prolongs lactation. Last year’s milk yield from her was an average of 3 litres per day, this year she is producing 5.0 litres and only 3 months freshened.