Horsefeed – What Your Racehorse Needs

Providing enough energy for your horse to race at his peak is one of the biggest challenges for trainers and owners. Whether your horse is in training or fit and ready to race, the energy intake required to fuel muscle activity and to maintain optimal performance can be more than double that required at rest. Your feed not only needs to cater for your horse’s weight, age and stage of training, it needs to support and fuel your horse under the stress of regular, fast (aerobic and anaerobic) exercise.

A Quality Racehorse Feed Should Deliver:


A quality feed for the racehorse should provide all the essential building blocks to fuel your horse’s metabolism during exercise:

  • protein for energy and muscle mass
  • fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6
  • fibre and grains for energy
  • quality oil
  • essential minerals and vitamins.

Fiskens Racehorse Mix contains all the essential requirements for a racehorse in full work, providing a readily digestible source of energy, muscle building protein and vital nutrients.

Balanced Nutrients

A properly balanced feeding programme for the racehorse should help build muscle and reduce fatigue while providing optimal energy intake. Fiskens Racehorse Mix eliminates the guess work so you can deliver the right balance of nutrients to keep your horse racing at his best. It is the perfect complement for pasture and on most properties, no other supplementation will be required.

Taste & Quality

Appetite can diminish under the physical stress of intense activity, so taste and quality ingredients are vital in a feed. Fiskens Racehorse Mix is made fresh using quality grains, superior NZ Cold pressed Canola Oil and molasses for a pleasant and palatable taste.

Fiskens Racehorse Mix Contains:

  • Quality fibre (lucerne, oaten chaff, bran) to provide roughage and help with dehydration
  • Quality grains (oats, barley, maize) to provide energy and help put on muscle bulk
  • Quality NZ cold pressed Canola Oil containing Omega 3 and Omega 6 to aid with energy production, muscle building and the anti-inflammatory response
  • Magnesium for the bones and muscles, and to assist with the metabolism of calcium, sodium and other vitamins and minerals
  • Calcium for the bones and to assist with muscle contraction
  • Sodium – a vital electrolyte that supports cell function
  • Other essential vitamins and minerals for the optimal performance of your racehorse.

Fiskens Racehorse Mix and Racehorse Extreme for Optimal Performance

Fiskens Racehorse Mix and Racehorse Extreme are premium energy feeds containing the right balance of nutrients to maximise energy and promote optimal performance on the track, along with the essential vitamins and minerals your racehorse needs. Made fresh using quality ingredients. Fiskens are one of the very few equine feed companies in New Zealand to use Cold pressed Canola Oil, containing the optimum ratio of Omega3 and Omega 6 for equine diets.

Balance Omega 3 and Omega 6 in your horse’s diet

Only the Best for Your Horse

Whether you’re a trainer, competitor or just riding for pleasure you want the best for your horse.

In New Zealand we have the advantage of superior pasture for grazing but if you’re like most horse people you probably also offer a grain supplement with added oil. In Fiskens Equine Feeds that oil is always Cold-Pressed Canola Oil.

Why Canola for Horses?

Cold pressed Canola Oil delivers an ideal balance of omega-3 with omega-6. The naturally occurring omega-6 in grains creates an inflammatory response that is balanced with omega-3.

Omega-3 is also known to have a calming effect on horses that are prone to excitability.

A grain diet with a balanced omega-6/omega-3 content from Canola Oil delivers the natural balance that aids in anti-inflammatory response.

Cold pressed Canola Oil provides a concentrated energy source that can enhance speed and reduce fatigue as well as improving oxygen saturation and respiratory function during exertion.

Why Pure Oil NZ Canola?

Fiskens choose Pure Oil NZ for Fiskens Horse Feeds as it’s New Zealand’s best source for quality, home-grown canola oil. It’s an all-natural product with the highest standards for handling and storage, never genetically engineered or modified.

It’s the exact same oil that we use for cooking and salads. Its superiority is due to two main factors – the manufacturing process and the quality assurance:

  1. Manufacturing – Pure Oil NZ uses the cold press method of extraction. Because the process requires no chemical additives and no heat, the oil retains all the vitamins and minerals that are so necessary for the health of your horse. Many manufacturers add up to 17 chemicals in their extraction process; Fiskens cold pressed canola oil has none.
  2. Quality – Pure Oil NZ’s agronomy team is hands-on throughout the entire process from cleaning and supplying the seed through the growth cycle and finally during the packaging process. With Pure Oil NZ you never have to worry about cross-contamination from any other product.

The Final Word

Fiskens Horse Feeds with Pure Oil NZ Canola Oil are your best choice for a balanced omega-6/omega-3 diet for your horse. It’s simply good, clean, quality canola, every time.