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The Fisken’s story – superior horse feed since 1957!

At HR Fisken & Sons, business really is all in the family. Generations of Fiskens have been racing horses, three ...
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Horse Nutrition

Horse on nature. Portrait of a horse brown horse horse galloping in paddock

Ultra Low GI Horse Feed

Horses have traditionally been fed grain based feeds but modern science has now allowed us to understand that cereals are ...
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Horsefeed – What Your Sport Horse Needs

Show jumping and cross country riding place strenuous metabolic demands on your horse, requiring it to draw heavily on energy reserves to fuel muscle ...
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MELBOURNE - FEBRUARY 21: Horses enter the straight in the De Bortoli Plate, won by On the Scoot at Y

Horsefeed – What Your Racehorse Needs

Providing enough energy for your horse to race at his peak is one of the biggest challenges for trainers and ...
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Fiskens Feeds Canola Oil

Balance Omega 3 and Omega 6 in your horse’s diet

Only the Best for Your Horse Whether you’re a trainer, competitor or just riding for pleasure you want the best ...
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Calf Nutrition

Calves feed

Starter Feeds For Calves

Begin offering calf feed when the calf is four days old. The feed should be: Palatable - Calves are no different than humans in that they are likely to eat ...
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rumen diagram

Function and Development of the Rumen

Mature cattle belong to a class of mammals known as ruminants – even-toed cud-chewers with four stomachs. In the adult cow the rumen is the first and largest stomach, comprising ...
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Preventing Coccidiosis

Coccidiosis is a parasite-caused disease that can be difficult to identify. In the worst cases coccidiosis will manifest as bloody scours. This is because when they are present at high ...
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Preventing the Post-Weaning Growth Check

The post-weaning growth check refers to a period of slow growth usually lasting about two weeks as the calf transitions from milk to solid rations. It is common but also ...
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Portrait Of Little Cow On Meadow

What Is The Ideal Calf Feed?

A calf has a small rumen – a capacity of just 1-2 litres in a newborn, as opposed to 25-30 at 3 months of age – that needs quality feed ...
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